Rwandan  Akabanga chilli oil

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Akabanga is a Rwandan hot pepper what is known in Kenya as Pilipili. Akabanga is a very hot chilli and is the best for seasoning foods and meat. Akabanga is very unique and is the best pepper in Africa for use with meat and cereals. It is the perfect ingredient for every chilli lovers kitchen. With Akabanga you only need a drip or two to give that fantastic kick. The recipe consists of 80% yellow chilli pepper (scotch bonnet) extract and 20% olive oil. It is one of the only chilli sauces available from Rwanda commercially. Akabanga is Kinyarwanda for ‘Secret’ standing for the secret recipe used to produce it. It’s also quite apt for the user as the ‘Bang’ (in English is akin to the delicious explosion of flavours in one’s mouth.

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