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Halisi Naturals Brands was founded by Harriet Sanja in 2016 as one of the first brands to carry quality organic butters, oils and soaps in Kenya. Having struggles with adult eczema that wasn’t healing using steroids, Harriet embarked on a journey to find natural solutions for the same, and that’s how she discovered Shea butter and later learnt how to make botanic soaps.

She shared some of her products with friends and as demand grew she realized she could help a lot more people and that’s how the business was started. Most of the products have since been developed following customer insights and requests.


Halisi blend body butter

Halisi body butter blend is a gentle organic luxurious blend specially made for you and your family.

Crude Nilotic shea

Crude Nilotic South Sudan's Shea is one of the most underrated Shea butter varieties

Dudu osun black soap

Restores damaged skin and is helpful in healing chronic eczema, acne, freckles, and dark spots.

Onion oil

Onion Oil has antioxidant properties which can slow down the oxidative damage to our body.

Rosehip oil

Rosehip oil is known for its anti-aging oils. It is one of the top anti-aging oils.

hair growth oil

This hair oil is the ultimate hair growth solution for you and your family.

Most Loved by the Customers

Flavors that inspire. for the spices.

What Our Customers Say

Very good customer relations and swift delivery.
Juliet Atieno Oduor
Excellent Natural products. No regrets whatsoever. My one stop shop for all my natural products.
Atieno Nyaugenya
I received my package and that anti aging cream is the top best of your products that I have used. Just four days and my face is smooth and firm. God bless your work.
Fridah Wanjiru
Heavenly is what my family's skin looks like. Someone today couldn't help but touch my skin, surprisingly they've been wondering what keeps my face so supple and baby-like. thanks, Halisi naturals for your amazing products, timely response and exceptional client relations. I'd recommend anyone in a heartbeat.
Jepchumba Sang
As a lover of spice and good food, I have to say I am thrilled to have found your spices. My pilau was a game changer at the last dinner we hosted. The tea masala was so refreshing and delicious. Who knew fries could be so tasty with a dash of Halisi garlic powder! Don't get me started on your allspice for stews and veggies. We now love our veggies without meat thanks to all the spice. Keep up the swahili authenticity in your spices.
Sheilla Awuor
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